VetiverCommon Name: Vetiver, zacate violeta, baúl de pobre, capia, grama de las Indias, pasto violeta, zacate violeta, pachuli
The name Vetiver comes from Tamil language.

Scientific Name: Chrysopogon zizanioides, used to be Vetiveria zizanoides

Climate: Hot and temperate. If it freezes it dies

Plant Description: Vetiver is an herbaceous plant native to India. It can grow up to a meter and a half tall, its stems are tall, the leaves are long, thin and rigid.
Unlike most grasses, the roots of the vetiver only grow vertically and can reach a depth of up to four meters. It is a non invasive plant because the seeds are not fertile. Vetiver is a close relative to other fragrant grasses such as lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) and citronella (Cymbopogon nardus).

Cultivation: Propagation is possible by dividing the parent plant. Separating the shoots, shortening the roots and trimming the leaves to measure 15 to 20 cm total.
VetiverIn order to ease the digging, splitting and cleaning of the parent plants, they should not be older than 18 months and had not bloomed. Planting season varies but it is best at the beginning of the rainy season.
If the intention is to use them as live fences, they should be planted 10 cm apart. It is possible to plant them in a double row as well.

They thrive in almost any soil like sand or clay. It is important to take good care of the plants until they adapt. Care during the first year is critical for adaptation.

Conditions: It is recommended that you sow in full sun; endures extreme droughts, but usually requires a rainy season that lasts at least 3 months. It grows best under wet conditions. It adapts to all types of soil.

VetiverUses: It is one of the most successful plants for erosion control worldwide, soil conservation, landslide prevention, water retention and residual water treatment. Vetiver root is a source or munch and used in bioengineering, perfumery, roof construction, medication, handicraft, paper and insect repellent.
Vetiver oil stimulates the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Because of this, it improves circulation and immune system defenses. It also relieves muscle aches and spasms; joint stiffness caused by arthritis, rheumatism, sprains and sprains.
It also calms nervousness and has proven useful in the case of anorexia nervosa. It is a natural tranquilizer that helps you fall asleep. It also helps to balance female hormones and tone the reproductive organs.



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