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Common Fig

Plant Wiki

Common Name: Fig Scientific Name: Ficus carica L. Climate: Hot, template, cold Plant Descripti...

Purple mombin

Plant Wiki

Common Name: Purple mombin, red mombin, red plum, spanish plum Scientific Name: Spondias purpure...

Turkey berry

Plant Wiki

Common Name: Turkey berry, prickly nightshade, shoo-shoo bush, wild eggplant, thai eggplant, pea ...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Vetiver, zacate violeta, baúl de pobre, capia, grama de las Indias, pasto violeta, z...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Thyme Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris Climate: Warm, temperate and cold Plant De...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Vanilla Scientific Name: Vanilla odorata, Vanilla fragans and Vainilla planifolia ...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Plum Scientific Name: Prunus domestica Climate: It prefers temperate climates, bet...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Rosemary Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis Climate: Warm, temperate, cold P...


Plant Wiki

Common Name:  Basil, sweet basil, common basil Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum Climate: Warm,...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Strawberry Scientific Name: Fragaria x ananassa Climate: Warm, moderate, and cold ...


Plant Wiki

WikiPlanta.orgUseful Plants for Growing a New and Better World The who, what, where, why, and wh...


Prickly Pear

Plant Wiki

Common Name: Prickly pear, cactus pear, nopal, Indian fig opuntia, Barbary fig Scientific Name: ...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Mandarin Scientific Name: Citrus reticulata, Citrus unshu, Citrus reshni Climate: ...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Marigold, pot marigold Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis Climate: Warm, tempe...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Alder Scientific Name: Alnus acuminata Climate: Hot, temperate, cold Plant Descr...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Orange, sweet orange Scientific Name: Citrus × sinensis Climate: Tropical, Subtro...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Fig-Leaf gourd, malabar gourd, black seed squash and cidra Scientific Name: Cucurbi...

Acuyo (momo)

Plant Wiki

Common Names: Acuyo, momo, root beer plant, Mexican pepperleaf Scientific Name: Piper auritum ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Chinese parsley, dhania, cilantro Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum. Climate:  ...

Wiki de plantas es un recurso creciente, multilingüe, basado en Internet con información sobre el ...

Plant Wiki is a growing, multilingual, internet-based resource with information about the cul...


Plant Wiki

Common names: Pear Scientific name: Pyrus communis Climate: Cold, temperate Plant description...