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Plant Wiki

Common Name: Lemongrass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, Cochin grass or Malabar grass Scientifi...

White Mulberry

Plant Wiki

Common Names: Chinese white mulberry, common mulberry, silkworm mulberry Scientific Names: Morus...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Yarrow, nosebleed plant, old man's pepper, devil's nettle, sanguinary, milfoil, sol...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Cinnamon Scientific Name: Cinnamomum verum Climate: Warm Plant Description1: As a...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Carambola, star fruit Scientific Name: Averrhoa carambola Climate: Temperate and w...

Sweet Potato

Plant Wiki

Common Name: Sweet potato, yam Scientific Name: Ipomoea batatas Climate: Temperate and hot. It ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Coffee Scientific Name: Coffea Climate: Hot and warm. Coffee is a tropical plant ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Artichoke Scientific Name: Cynara scolymus Climate: Temperate and cold Plant Des...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Calliandra Scientific Name: Calliandra calothyrsus Climate: Warm and temperate ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Cacao Scientific Names: Theobroma cacao Climate: Warm. Warm and humid is necessar...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Paper flower, bougainvillea Scientific Name: Bougainvillea spectabilis Climate: W...



Plant Wiki

Common names: Bamboo Scientific names: Bambusa vulgaris Climate: All climates. It is native to ...

Hass Avocado

Plant Wiki

Common Names: Aguacate Hass, āhuacatl (nahuatl), palta (from the Quechua language language and co...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Orange, sweet orange Scientific Name: Citrus × sinensis Climate: Tropical, Subtro...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Fig-Leaf gourd, malabar gourd, black seed squash and cidra Scientific Name: Cucurbi...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Chachafruto, balú Scientific Name: Erythrina edulis Climate: Temperate and temper...

Acuyo (momo)

Plant Wiki

Common Names: Acuyo, momo, root beer plant, Mexican pepperleaf Scientific Name: Piper auritum ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Chinese parsley, dhania, cilantro Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum. Climate:  ...


Plant Wiki

Common Name: Peach Scientific Name: Prunus persica Climate: Cold, warm, and warm to hot Plant ...

Wiki de plantas es un recurso en evolución, bilingüe (hasta ahora), basado en Internet con informa...

Plant Wiki is a evolving, bi-lingual (so far) internet-based resource with information about ...


Plant Wiki

Common Names: Turmeric. chick, wild saffron Scientific Name: Curcuma longa Climate: Warm and te...